Does a Biewer Yorkie shed?

Does a Biewer Yorkie shed?

Well, this is a common question among those looking for  Biewer Yorkie puppy. People who are “allergic to dogs” are generally allergic to the fur of the dog but they can tolerate non-shedding breeds most of the time.

Hair instead of Fur

Non-shedding means that instead of fur your Biewer has hair, hair has a softer texture, it’s less thick and has different rate of growth.  However, dogs with hair still have processes of renewal and hair will fall out.

Long coat with silky and perfectly straight hair, without any hint of a wave, is distinct property of Biewer Terriers. They have long hair and shed very little, but regardless of the breed, dogs always loss some of their hairs and it is just natural even with non-shedding breeds.

If you have a different breed of dog, for instance a Retriever that has a coat of fur it will go through bursts of growth and shedding.  This burst of growth usually follows the seasons, and with dogs that shed you will notice fur EVERYWHERE.

A Biewer, on the other hand will grow hair very long and it will shed over the year but it happens very slowly.  You will notice the occasional hair in your home but it will be nothing like the breeds that shed.

Causes of Shedding

Female Biewer Yorkies may experience more shedding than usual when they are in heat and during and immediately after pregnancy.  Hormonal changes will affect the coat of the dog too. Not only will there be shedding but the coat may change texture as well.  If your Biewer Yorkie is otherwise normally healthy then there really isn’t anything to worry about, the coat will grow back in.

If the thinning of the coat becomes noticeable there are some things you will need to do to protect their skins.  Put very soft blankets, similar to receiving blankets for babies, if they have exposed elbows.  Your dog will need sunscreen if they spend more than 15 minutes outside.  If you do your own grooming then get a special shampoo and conditioner that reduces irritation.  If you take your dog to the groomer let them know and they will take special care.  Here’s a video showing how the dog should be groomed.

While the Biewer Yorkie is considered one of the breeds to be hypoallergenic, you can still have an allergic reaction.  If you are allergic to dander you will still have a reaction.  A Biewer is a rare and expensive dog breed, if you are getting one because of allergy issues see if you can spend some time around the dog first to make sure you won’t have a reaction.

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