What is the Difference Between a Biewer and a Yorkie?

What is the Difference Between a Biewer and a Yorkie?

Often people assume that the “Biewer Yorkshire Terrier” is the same as the Yorkshire Terrier that you’re already familiar with.  In fact  it is actually a separate breed, albeit a new one.  It’s official name is the Biewer Terrier, and while the breed descends from a Yorkie, “Yorkshire” isn’t part of the name.

Essentially a Biewer is a Yorkie that has different hair colors, because of breeding the dog now has slightly different features. These differences led to Biewers becoming their own separate breed of dog.  They are considered very rare and getting your hands on a Biewer puppy is going to be expensive and hard to come by. And this caused the most attention among dog lovers after the story about them was recently shared on social media by The Marketing Heaven.

Different Coloring & Coat

What makes a Biewer different is their coloring, Biewers have three colors whereas a Yorkie only has two.  The breed originates in Europe and because tail docking is illegal there the tail on a Biewer will not be docked.  Yorkies are more prone to be hunters while the Biewer is more of a companion dog.  While the coat of both dogs is more similar to hair than fur the Biewer has a softer coat.


While they are technically different breeds they do share some common characteristics. Both breeds of dogs are considered hypo allergenic meaning they shed very little.  Their coats share the same textures and they are both small indoor dogs with a life expectancy of about 12 years.

Becoming a Real Breed

The first Biewer was born in 1984 but the breed wasn’t accepted into the AKC until 2014.  The original dog had a unique appearance and thus the breed was born.  The name Biewer, comes from the family that bred the first puppy back in 1984.

Mars Veterinary created the breed signature in 2009, this was unique because the standard was developed using DNA instead of the usual pedigree information.  The breed was first recognized by the ACH in 1986, and this came about because the German registrar didn’t recognize tricolored Yorkies as part of their standard coloring, so these dogs didn’t meet Yorkie standards.  Had they allowed for tricolored Yorkies to become breed standard there would be no Biewers around today.

Getting a Biewer

Biewers are adorable and make great companion dogs, but the breed is rare.  Buying a Biewer in the US will cost anywhere between $1,500 – $2,500 for a puppy.  You should get your puppy registered and complete the process before you finish the purchase.

Be very wary anytime a breed is deemed rare you will find some less than ethical breeders just in it for the money.  Your breeder should be able to provide documentation on both the mother and the father of your puppy.

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